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Soy Consumption May Lead To Better Weight Loss Results In Post-Menopausal Women

Soy Consumption May Lead To Better Weight Loss Results In Post-Menopausal femaleConsumption soy may recover weight loss in female who have already gone through menopause, consistent with discoverings presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the researches of Ingestive Behavior.
Soy is a vegetable used to make milk, oil and other food products, and contains a variety of nutrients, including compounds similar to estrogen, that can lead to many health benefits when added to one’s food.
Women who have experienced menopause will usually have lower hormone levels, which has been linked to abdominal weight gain. In order to maintain healthy hormone levels, some female turn to replacement therapy, which has been proven to cause many health predicaments, including the development of breast cancer.

In an effort to discover a organic alternative to hormone treatments that as well provided weight loss benefits, researchers fed soy, a plant that contains compounds similar to estrogen, to post-menopausal rats,

The results of the rats consume an increased intake of soy led to higher energy expenditure and weight-loss.

Michelle Murphy, a researcher at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, conditiond that these discoverings have “implications for the development of alternative organic treatments for obesity in post-menopausal female.”

For post-menopausal female who are interested in adding other organic alternatives to their supplements in order to recover weight-loss, recent research conducted at Johns Hopkins University showed that consume pomegranate can boost weight loss results and provide organic replacement therapy.

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