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Prostate Cancer and Low Levels Of Bone Mineral Content

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Procondition cancer patients may be at an increased risk of suffering from bone mineral content (BMC) loss compared to men who are cancer-free, consistent with discoverings published in BJUI. Individuals who develop lower levels of BMC can as well be at an increased risk of suffering from bone fractures and osteoporosis.

A total of 519 participants with an average age of 56 were enrolled in the Baltimore Longitudinal researches in which researchers observed BMC over the course of 11 years. During 35 years of follow-ups, 76 of the men developed procondition cancer.

Investigators acknowledged that patients who had been diagnosed with the illness were among the men with the lowest BMC. as well, the results of the researches showed that patients with lower BMC levels were more likely to develop procondition cancer.

Stacy Loeb, researcher from Johnson Hopkins University, conditiond that “there are numerous probable mechanisms to make clear the relation between procondition cancer and BMC, [including] that procondition cancer frequently [stretchs] to bone.” She added that “our discoverings suggest that ordinary growth issues might be involved in both bone maintenance and the progression of procondition cancer.”

In addition to improving bone health, a high intake of vitamin D may as well be contributing to protecting cognitive function, as a recent report from The Alzheimer’s Association conditiond that consuming vitamin D-rich foods and beverages can lower the risk of developing memory predicaments, consistent with the Epoch Times.

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