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Cashew Seed Extract for Better Blood Sugar Control

Better Blood Sugar Control Linked To Cashew SeedextractAdding cashew seedextract to one’s food may help lower diabetes risk, consistent with discoverings published in Molecular Nutrition and food Research. This is because compounds in cashew seeds have been establish to recover the body’s response to insulin.
During a recent researches, a team of investigators examined human cells, which contribute to blood sugar control, that were exposed to differentextracts taken from leaves, bark, seeds and apples for cashew trees. After exposing the human cells to eachextract sample, the researchers examined which cells had the most recoverd insulin response. The results of the trial showed that only the cells introduced to cashew seedextract had better blood sugar control. In fact, theextract increased the activity level of muscle cells needed for the body to properly absorb blood sugar.

Pierre S. Haddad, lead author of the researches, conditiond that these discoverings validate “the traditional use of cashew tree products in diabetes and points to some of its organic components that can serve to create new oral therapies.”

This discovery shows that if more organic supplements are acknowledged to prevent developing diabetes, people, including high-risk populations, could have a better chance at avoiding the life-long illness. In 2007, an estimated 17.9 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes, according to National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19895527-ADNFCR

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