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Dietary recommendations for genital herpes treatment

Natural immune system boosters can help the people effectively fight the recurrence of the disease. There are several natural methods to speed healing of genital herpes and prevent outbreaks. […]

Natural source of protein: Benefits of soy

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Soy (or Glycine max ) is a plant in the pea family. It has been used in Asian diets for thousands of years. Soybean are good source of protein, oil and minerals, but low in carbohydrates. It also contains water-and fat-soluble vitamins.

Soy isoflavones

Soybeans also contain isoflavones-compounds similar to […]


Whole grain products are also good sources of copper. Certain organ meats and shellfish are high in copper. […]

Cholesterol lowering foods

holesterol is not all bad. It is needed by your body to complete multiple functions such as building and maintaining cell membranes, balancing your hormones, manufacturing vitamin D, and for a healthy nervous system. […]