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Sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are responsible for producing of glucose which is required for every cell in our body. They also are main sources of valuable nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids) and fiber, which is important for intestinal health. […]

Which foods are good sources of zinc

Zinc plays a vital role in cell division, and deficiencies are associated with reduced fertility, increased miscarriages, and chromosome damage. Less than optimal zinc levels not only reduce conception rates, but babies have lower birth weights, more birth defects, and can have a less developed brain and nervous system. Zinc deficiency is especially important for […]

Magnesium food sources

A lot of foods contain magnesium. Excellent sources are nuts, beans, dark-green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and seafood. Daily magnesium can be received from milk, which has about 34 mg per cup. Soy foods such as miso and tofu (bean curd) are good sources of magnesium. […]

Iron food sources

Most grain products in the United States are fortified with iron. Despite this fortification, most pregnant and premenopausal women receive less than the RDA for iron in their diet. […]